Services - Environmental Management

Millennium provides Environmental Management (EM) Services to assist clients in managing risk through correct interpretation of regulations. This service area includes compliance auditing, which is often performed as a baseline for detecting regulations that are not met and management systems that can be improved. Additional EM services include the following:

  • Air, water, and waste permitting (including air discharge, NPDES, POTW, and RCRA permits).
  • Required environmental plans (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, etc.).
  • SARA Title III compliance assistance (including Tier II and Form R inventories and reporting).
  • Site safety, health and emergency response plans.
  • Forensic services.
  • Financial risk modeling (Decision Analysis).
  • Waste handling and minimization.
  • Environmental education and training.
  • Personnel training (e.g., Hazard Communication, DOT shipping).
  • Environmental "Outsourcing."

In today's increasingly competitive business climate, Millennium assists our clients in becoming more efficient and more profitable by helping reduce operating costs. Specifically, we provide outsourcing services by assuming the responsibility of managing tasks, which are ancillary to your main business. These tasks can include hazardous materials management: regulatory compliance and loss control. Millennium is capable of providing "outsourcing" services to small and midsized retail, commercial, and industrial companies. As the "outsourced" entity, we provide a practical, economic solution to manage environmental compliance, industrial hygiene and loss control/risk management needs. The "outsource' concept of staffing is a trend that has proven to be favorable for all parties involved. Millennium believes that this concept will not only satisfy your technical needs, but will also provide access to high quality, experienced professional not otherwise available. Many Fortune 500 companies have utilized the "outsourcing" concept to improve their operations. Today, the "outsourcing" concept is used by a wide range of business who subcontract out ancillary services (such as environmental management) to the "experts in the field" while realizing significant economic benefits.

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  • Healthcare
  • Education
    • K-12
    • Colleges and Universities
  • Municipal, County, Regional, State and Federal Governments
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Contractors and Construction Management firms
  • Infrastructure
    • Utilities
    • Transportation
  • Real Estate and Financial Services
  • Manufacturing and Industrial firms
  • Biotech, Tech and Semiconductor