Green Millennium

Going Green – Millennium actively engages in green practices within our day-to-day operations. Millennium recognizes the importance of treating the environment with care in everything we do. And it is our responsibility to treat natural resources with the respect they deserve so they will be available to future generations.

Millennium embraces the tenants of BOMA’s 7-Point Challenge to reduce use of natural resources, non-renewable energy resources and waste production because we believe that when we act responsibly to preserve and protect the environment, everyone will benefit. We have a hybrid vehicle and incorporate sustainable practices wherever possible. This includes extensive recycling, energy saving and composting elements.

We are committed to show environmental stewardship. Millennium is a member of the Climate Registry, through which we report our own GHG emissions.

To learn more about how you can implement your own green practices, click on the BOMA's 7-Point Challenge link for ideas.

Energy Saving Tips

Turn off equipment and appliances - such as lights and computers — when you’re not using them.

During the winter, if you lower the temperature by 1° F (if it’s set between 65° and 72° F), you can save as much as 2–3% of the energy your furnace uses.

During the summer, save 3–5% of the energy used by your air conditioner for every degree you raise the thermostat (when it’s set between 70° and 85° F).

Open window coverings on sunny days in the winter to help warm the rooms. Close them in the summer to help keep the room cool during the day.

ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use up to 75% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and last up to 10 times longer. Replacing a 100-watt incandescent bulb with a 25-watt CFL can save at least $90 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.

Occupancy sensors are great for indoor and outdoor lighting so that your lights are only on when you need them and automatically turn off when you don't.

Duct Sealing: Have a contractor check your central heating/cooling duct system for leaks. Up to 30% of heated or cooled air can be lost through leaky ducts.

Insulation: Talk to a contractor about insulating your exterior walls, floors and crawl spaces. Appropriate insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs up to 30%.

HVAC: Use fans to cool your house.